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"Jackie & Staff, Thank you very much to all of you who stayed with my mother and helped with the testing. You provide such a needed service and do it so very well. With appreciation, Linda H."


"Dear Jackie, Thank you for being so helpful and caring all of the time. Your concern for Dad is greatly appreciated. May the New Year bring you peace and happiness. All the best, Martin, David & Alex S.."


". . . for the extra love you put into everything you do! Love and thanks! Linda and Margaret"


"This letter is to commend Conquest Home Care and its employees for the superb help my husband received during the 2 years of care from Conquest. Veronica and Jacinth (Jackie) were always available to talk to and after a while they learned exactly the type of person and care I expected for my husband. They worked with the certified aides and me to create an excellent working and caring environment. The two aides were Yvette and Melsedita and they were the best! If one of them had to be out, Veronica always made sure we had coverage for my husband. I would highly recommend Conquest for anyone that would need home care for a loved one. Sincerely, Mrs. Marcus L."


"Thank you for your wonderful care! Rita P."


"I am writing this letter to recommend Conquest Home Care Plus to anyone with a loved one who needs to be cared for in a caring and respectful way. It has been a privilege to have had Jackie Burton and her staff take care of my father for the past few years. When I first realized my dad was in need of more help than I could provide, I knew I needed to find someone to guide me through this process that I was so unsure of. Mrs. Burton was recommended to me by an administrator from the assisted living facility where my dad was. From that day on, my worries and concerns were put to rest. Jackie just made me feel as though my dad was the most important person to her and that she would make sure his needs were met. After their first meeting, my dad was fine with having someone come in everyday to help him. He was not always so amiable if he felt someone was not quite trustworthy. Being in the business world for many years, he was an excellent judge of character. Jackie and he became fast friends!

The arrangements were made for an aide and all went well. It went so well that when I moved to another state, I had planned to move my father with us. He did not want to leave because he was so attached to his aide and had the utmost respect for Jackie. Needless to say, leaving him was very sad. The best part was that he was content and happy. I knew that he was being put in the best hands and I had nothing to worry about. There was extremely good communication - very impressive. I knew when something needed to be discussed I would get a call or email right away. This is very crucial in this type of relationship, I never felt in the dark about anything.

My father was treated with love, dignity and respect. He was always neat and clean shaven - even when he got stubborn about that - he lost! You could walk in to see him anytime and he looked great with clean clothes and a smile on his face. He was a proud man and they understood that and made sure that he never became a man that he never was. I cannot say enough about a group of people who greatly improved the quality of my dad's life. I never could have asked for more. He was truly blessed the day he met Jackie Burton. When things began to fail health wise, they just did more. There was no frustration on his part, they helped him through his roughest times and for that I will be eternally grateful. No one could have done more for him and he left us in peace because of the loving people who were his "family".

Sincerely, Barbara M."


"Thank you for your patience, support, friendship and excellent care of my mother during a most difficult time. Your expressions of sympathy were also very much appreciated. Of course, I will highly recommend your services. Fondly, Debbie K."


"Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude - dad was cared for with dignity and respect. You're wonderful! Barbara."


What Clients are Saying About Conquest Home Care Plus, Inc.

"Dear Jackie, Just wanted to say thank you again for providing such wonderful people to help with Mr. L's care over the past few weeks. They provided a peace of mind that otherwise would not have existed. In addition to being such a help in terms of safety, they also provided a warm smile, a sense of humor, and a caring heart when the Rehabilitation hospital could have proved to have been a very lonely place.  Thanks for everything and I am sure I will be speaking with you very soon. " 

Michelle G, Ph.D., Elder Options, Inc.

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